Friday, 30 January 2009

wow - 2 months since I posted

wow - 2 months since I posted - where did the time go?

I'm sitting here thinking about my brave sister who is having an operation on her spine tomorrow. The seventh vertebra has collapsed with cancer and they will have to pin from the fifth to the ninth and then try to remove the material that is pressing on her spinal cord.

She is my inspiration and so far has completely confounded all the experts - with the most aggressive type of cancer in her womb, lungs and bones she was told she may have up to six months to live. That was two years ago. Since then she has redecorated the house, been diving around the world and started a new business which entailed driving around the country - this is all the more astounding as at Christmas 2006 the cancer ate right through her thigh bone which just snapped in two. She healed it up after it was pinned, regrowing all that bone!

I have absolutely no doubt that she will come through this next trauma in spite of the anesthetist's reservations due to the tumors in her lungs. Her husband developed a brain tumor this November which has been removed and he was told he might have up to a year with treatment. Thanks to Ann we are not listening. She is bringing us all through. She is amazing!!!

I have talked to my doctor and got my B12 every two months - result!

About the 'what to say' thing - I'm still working on that. My accountant asked me on Wednesday as people often do, if I am in remission. I guess it's much too early to say anything like that. I will get the results of my latest scan on 11th Feb. That's to see if the cancer has spread to any of my organs which they are convinced it will do. On the other hand I was talking to my friend Katherine who suffered from a brain tumor and was told she had maybe four years - that was twenty years ago! Keep it up Katherine!

This whole situation is making me prioritize - it's definitely all about people and not about things at all. That's what Ann says and I agree with her.

Thank you those people who have commented on this blog - I've only just worked out that I actually get replies! I'll go and have a look at that article Jeri.


Avril said...

Hi Di,
I love your blog. It's really inspiring to read about your experience. And your sister sounds amazing too!
Great to hear you've got your B12 shots sorted.

Donni said...

Hi Di,

Prayers for your sister, she is amazing but then so are you! It's an added poignancy and specialness having met you, your sister... and some of the things you spoke of (which will hopefully turn up here in your blog) STILL have me thinking... it's all about attitude, cancer is a word not a sentence... Pets to Daisy for me, hi to Dave and your arty daughter :) Donni