Thursday, 15 July 2010

2010 - loving it

Haven't posted for such a long time....

Life is getting better after all sorts of ups and downs but I'm beginning to see what's important i.e. the ups.
After saying I wouldn't I started taking the medication again after Ann died. I ended up with so many side effects that it affected everything in my life including my relationship with Dave all for the worse. Close friends know why in April this year I decided that this wasn't the life I had decided to live so I stopped taking Tamoxifen and all the other drugs needed to ameliorate the myriad side effects and the further side effects of those extra drugs etc. etc. Since then I found renewed energy - have been exercising, walking, swimming (lost a stone and a half - was well over weight - one of the side effects) and having loads more fun in all sorts of ways. I feel like I'm getting me back - maybe it's for a shorter time but just so worth it. Life with Dave has changed and we are enjoying a full relationship again - can't say how joyful and thankful I am for that. I haven't really got back into any sort of productive work yet except for organising a few classes for other people to teach in the studio but maybe that will come. I've come to terms with no end of things through this journey and I am so grateful for it.

Don't know how long I've got - no one can help me on that front - but it's NOW and WHO I'm with that matters every moment. I'm hearing the birds sing and watching things grow and hopefully helping who I can and loving it.

I would like to thank my Acupuncture Therapist Emma Sammels and my Psychotherapist Rachel Squires for all their ongoing help and support - they have been really brilliant! Thanks too for all the great support from all my friends and family - I'm so lucky!!


LittleMoo said...

It's nice to read a new post from you Di.

With something as precious as life, I agree that it's quality, not quantity that counts. A life lived well and throughly enjoyed is better than mundane immortality any day.

I really should make the effort to venture out of Loughborough and come to see you. Phoebe is 16 months old now and starting to become a proper 'little girl' now. Still not walking (obviously inherited Mum's laziness) but at least that means she's easier to keep out of trouble! Mind you, came back from the loo one day last week to find her making nappy cream handprints all over the carpet :D

min fidler said...

I didn't know you had a blog Di, found it by chance. It's lovely